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No jukebox

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No bandit

No draught lager

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An old English real ale pub atmosphere trapped for ever in Lowgates, the cultural centre of Staveley, near Chesterfield, Derbys.


This little gem is often judged to be closed down by commuters making their way home from Chesterfield to the wealthy climbs of Clowne, Barlborough, Mastin Moor and Woodthorpe. Well, as they say in Italy... whata mistaka to maka.



Thanks to the owners of Townes Brewery you'll find the to be unlike any other pub website.


For a start, it fully embraces the original ethos of the web and provides links to any business or subject mentioned that may interest a visitor further. We're not affraid of you linking to any other pub or brewery websites because we believe you'll come back. It's what makes a web page dynamic, otherwise it may as well be a page in a book.


New content weekly, a newsletter that's a cross between Viz and Punch, competitions and links to great brewing information are all provided.


Please sign our guestbook and vote for your favourite beer and food.



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