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Becoming a Follower may be used as proof that one is not fit to plea in a criminal trial, but only if one is defending ones self.


Lord Chief Justice

Cops -v- J. Coughlan

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Upload your profile portrait once you have made your application. Click 'Add' and choose a photo from your Drive C: Then click 'Upload'


Our Followers.




So you want to be a Follower do you?


You must be mad. No that's not an observation, it's a requirement... you have to be mad, certified clinically mad.


Your application to become a Follower, made via the form below, goes before our panel of 3 doctors who are regulars in the Speedwell.


Dr Mike Patterson

Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Greg Conner

Consultant Urologist


Dr Grenville Bennett

Gynocologist (currently struck-off)


It is they who decide if you are mad or not.












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