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There's no jukebox in the Speedwell Inn but background music is provided and we have our very own resident band, the Feedback Four.


A word of warning... the Landlord, Curly, usually works the bar on Thursdays and his choice of music is dreadful.


Well, we may not have a jukebox in the Speedwell but we've got one online. Over 4 hours of beautiful classical music. Click the first track (top left) and then click the sideshow icon and enjoy.



To open the JukeBox in a seperate window/tab so that you may continue browsing our site whilst listening to wonderful music... CLICK HERE

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Feedback Four


The Feedback Four are two couples, Ali & Keith and José & Pete, who hooked up with each other a few years ago in the La Chambre, a swingers club in Sheffield.


Photos from that first hooking up are shocking, an afront to common decency, however there's a set kept behind the bar in the Speedwell and they are free to view once you have made a purchase.


A couple of great features about this band are that they're cheap and you don't need a music licence because what they play can't possibly be construed as music.


At the Christmas Carol night last December, they were joined by Tim Ellis on rhythm guitar and they are now known as the Feedback Five. Some sharp eyed customer noticed, after about an hour, that Tim's guitar had no strings but it didn't stop him, he just carried on pretending.