Speedwell Colliery


We're pretty certain that the Speedwell Colliery was opened in 1841 and had closed by the turn of the century. It was owned by the Barrow family who also had interests in shipping and the colliery may have been named after one of their ships.



Blue flowering plant also known as Veronica.


Sister ship to the Mayflower that, in 1620, should have carried the Pilgrim Fathers to North America. 15 ships of the Royal Navy have been called HMS Speedwell.


A spectacular cavern in Castleton, Derbyshire.


An island lying just off the Falklands.


An area in Bristol, UK.


Early motor vehicle made in the US.


A legendary SAS operation in Italy during WWII.


Our Pub.




The above sub-menu represents the Speedwell Inn as it is today. Below is a summary of its chequered past, from its beginning through to current reviews posted on Google Maps.


The Speedwell Inn was first licenced as a public house back in the 1860's. So, where does the name Speedwell come from... truth is nobody really knows but one likly theory is that it was named after the Speedwell Colliery.


It was originally tied to the old Brampton Brewery of Chesterfield, which in 1955 was bought by Warwick's & Richardson's Brewery of Newark. They in turn were taken over by John Smiths who sold it to Mansfield Brewery in the 1980's.


During the next decade the Speedwell embraced the Sunday morning stripper. Hard to imagine it now but certain pubs used to let folk, well men, in through the backdoor from about 10 o'clock Sunday mornings and they'd watch women taking their clothes off to music.


Although quite illegal everyone turned a blind eye to it and whilst most of you will associate this trend with the 70's you need to remember that it's normal for Staveley to be 10 years behind the rest of the country and so much happened that a whole page is being dedicated to it. So call back soon.


In the 1990's customers at the Speedwell Inn began to decline and the pub was closed in 1996. It remained closed until bought by the current owners, Townes Brewery, in 1998.


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 Rough round the egdes but great inside

If you chose your pub by its looks then The Speedwell is not for you. On the other hand if you want somwhere to enjoy a wonderful pint of real ale then it,s one of the best. No food, No pool table, No bandit. Friendly regulars (Watch out for the group of fools at the bar, friendly but with a wicked sense of humour.) Oh, and the landord can bite too.



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