Our Pub... Rules




1. Opening Times


Every evening - 6 pm until 11 pm




2. CAMRA Surcharge Waiver Scheme


CAMRA Campaign for Real Ale members attract a 20% surcharge on top of normal bar prices. This surcharge will be waivered if they are in a group of no more or no less than two. However, should they at any time lift their glass in the air to inspect the clarity of their beer then the surcharge will be re-instated.




3. Children


Children are welcome to sit quietly, very quietly, in any of our rooms that don't contain a bar, until 9 pm, when they must disappear in a puff of smoke.


Parents should be aware that on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, Stuart who works the bar on those evenings, isn't allowed to work with children as part of his bail conditions, so their presence would cause a very embarrassing situation.




4. Sensible Drinking Policy


The Speedwell Inn does not have a sensible drinking policy. By only serving sensible people it doesn't need one.




5. Hygiene Policy


It isn't practical for the Speedwell Inn to have a hygiene policy otherwise the Landlord would get barred.








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