Beyond the Movie


What the movie doesn't cover is what happened when Curly delivered the parcel.

A friend of his filmed it, it was the old 35mm format back then so it's a bit grainy but you can tell it's a young Curly... Click Here.



So if you visit the Speedwell Inn on a Thursday night make sure you've got a Doctors Note stating that your pint requires a nice creamy head and it will taste delicious and the head will cling to the glass, all the way down.


Our Pub... Staff




The Landlord


Alan 'Curly' Wood. Also the head brewer of Townes Brewery and stands the bar on Thurday evenings. Curly once described himself to Glastonbury magistrates bench as a one-man brewing machine and he wasn't far off.


He left school at 14 and got a job with FedEx, sorting parcels on an overnight flight from the UK to the US. On one of these flights the cargo plane went down and everyone, except Curly, was killed. It crash landed just off the coast of an uninhabited island and he manage to save one parcel and a copy of the Guardian newspaper, got into an inflatable dingy and rowed ashore. It was 5 years before he was rescued and although he had plenty of water it wasn't fresh, so he was forced to brew it into beer. Over those 5 years he became an expert brewer and vowed to himself that when rescued he'd personally deliver the parcel that he'd saved, start up his own brewery and read the Guardian daily.


Quite a story, Hollywood thought so too, they made a movie about it. It's called Castaway and stars Tom Hanks.


Walk in the Speedwell Inn any Thursday night and he'll be there behind the bar reading the Guardian, that same Guardian from 1970. Because of the 5 years alone on the island he says very little and has no concept of good music. He uses words of one syllable like cow, pig and deer. He has no idea of words used to describe meats like beef, pork and venison. A conversation with Curly is like talking to an Anglo Saxon before the Norman invasion. He claims it's because he's a veggy.


However, the most annoying aspect of Curly, caused by his years of solitude, is that he pulls his beer flat, yes flat. On his desert island he didn't have the luxury of a sparkler so he doesn't use one unless you beg and plead with him. As every beer drinker in the North of England knows, beer pulled flat can cause health issues, it can make you ill.






Ruth (Monday). One time gogo dancer at the Crazy Daisy nightclub, Sheffield, where in 1980 one Saturday night, she was asked by Phil Oakley to accompany him to London to act as a backing singer in his new band The League.


She spent all that night practicing... You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, over and over again, but she was also eating burger after burger due to her nerves. When Phil came in the club on the night before the recording, Ruth had put on about 12lbs in weight. Phil accused her of being too fat and two of the other dancers jumped at the chance to go with him. As they left Ruth shouted...

"Don't you want me, baby. I'm only HUMAN."

The rest, as they say, is history... Click Here




Linda (Tuesday, Friday & Sunday). Usually makes her boyfriend, Stuart Bradbury, work the early bar and she arrives after 9pm.


Rumour has it that she's on the lookout for a new boyfriend because, in an effort to save on Council Tax, Stuart has told the council that their house is empty. Linda is having to spend Monday to Friday in their garage and she passes the

time sewing but fearful of the council checking up, she's forced to sit in silence for 10 minutes every time she hears a car pull up.


All Linda wants is a periscope for the garage and a new settee because their present one makes her backside ache after 6 hours but Stuart won't let her have either.








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