£7.50 on the day, £6 in advance from the below pubs or £6.50 online here.


Price includes a FREE commemorative glass and FREE train rides (12 noon until 5pm). Online price includes 2nd class postage.


Tickets in stock at the Speedwell and for online sales.




On sale also at Arkwright Arms, Chesterfield Arms and the Derby Tup locally. The Fat Cat in Sheffield and the Brunswick Inn in Derby also have tickets.


10th Year


Yes it's the 10th beer festival to be held at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse and the organiser, Merv Allcock celebrated it in style. Two local lasses, the Amazon sisters were treated by Merv to a night in the Speedwell, not something they can normally afford. Speedwell in-house photographer, Stuart Bradbury, is our celebrity snapper.


Rail Ale Beer Festival.


Friday 13th May, 2011.



Saturday 14th May, 2011.


12 noon until 11pm both days.


This fabulous event isn't held at the Speedwell but it's just down the road at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse and all the regulars from the Speedwell go on the Saturday afternoon.


It's the last remaining working turn-table in the UK and all of the lads who work there are Speedwell regulars.


It's the best venue for a beer festival anywhere in Britain and for atmosphere it's on a par with the one held in the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.


When the train spotters get mixed in with the CAMRA lot it's almost like a rave and if the girls from the Barrow Hill Womens Institute come again this year, then it will be a riot... Click here.


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Total Cost







James Williams the Roundhouse foreman has 5 girlfriends, one for each working day. He stays over with a different one each night during the week and all of them live in the Barrow Hill area. To avoid them finding out about each other he never uses his car, only at the weekend and he runs to work every morning wearing a hoody to hide from folk. He'll get caught out one day... CLICK HERE



Word is that the men who work full-time at the roundhouse have been barred from the free train rides at this years festival. It's to give other visitors a chance to have a go.


Lets hope what happened last year doesn''t happen again and the work force get a week off to recover because a repair that Cozzy and Jamie did to the line, after last years Do, just wasn't good enough.

Visit our brewery website

Stay at the Dusty Miller, Barlborough,

just a few miles from the Beer Festival.

Owner, Adrian, has put this great deal

together for either Friday or Saturday.

Phone him on 01246 810507

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Last year this motley crew of Speedwell old boys attended the festival. They tried to get Merv, the
organiser, to set them on as security
staff and pay them in beer but he was
having none of it.


The photo was taken by the ugly mole
on the right, Kevin Goudy, using a
shutter delay. More by chance than
design, he managed to get the men
gradually becoming smarter and better
looking as one scans the line to the left,
uncanny really.


First to leave the festival was Andy Hewitt (aka Tranny Andy), 2nd from the left, who having spent 4 hours in mens clothes just couldn't take any more. He was soon followed by Daz (aka. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall), centre, wearing black t-shirt, who had problems with his bodily functions. Struck-off gynocologist, Grenville Bennett, (aka. Benji), 3rd from right with cigar, did warn him to never trust a trump at a beer festival


Prince Charles was in good spirit, as ever. Merv, the organiser, lets him in free and gives him free beer tickets, you never know it could be Sir Merv before long. The Prince often attends the festival as he likes to keep in touch with where he did his apprenticeship back in the 60's. Barrow Hill shed was the Eton of the railway world back then. He popped over to the Speedwell old boys to say hello to his old pal Burgin who once took a cream cake in the face for him. His reaction was priceless when Benji said to him... "Now don't forget Charlie, never trust a trump at a beer festival." He reckons he may visit the Speedwell after this years festival, if the missus will let him. Lets hope the Titanic Brewery lot aren't there at the same time, they've been fans of the Speedwell for a few years now and call on their way home from the festival.


So, if you've been to the Roundhouse Beer Festival before, you'll know you've got to get your tickets sharpish, and if you haven't been before you're in for a wonderful surprise.